Hooree SL-530 6PCS SMD5730 LED Outdoor Microwave Induction with Dim Light Solar Wall Lamp

Item No.: SL-530
2017 PATENT, microwave induction + dim light
Description Photo
Product Parameters:
Solar panel: 5V/ 0.85W
Battery: 3.7V/ 1500mAh
Material: ABS
Lamp power: 3W

Liminous Flux: 200LM
Lighting time: ≥ 8hours
Charging time: ≥ 8 hours
Lighting mode: Microwave Induction + dim light
Sensing distance: 3-5M
Protection Level: IP65

1.Waterproof, heatproof and durable.
2.High efficiency, long service life.
3.Easy and quick installation.
Microwave induction: When someone approaches, light turns on at strong light automatically, after 30 serconds will turn to dim light if no one nearby to save power. 

5.Product application area: Garden/ Wall/ Fence/ Patio/ Street/ Pathway etc.
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